FOR STUDENTS WORLDWIDE (international students pursuing Degree and MBA studies):


Leaving university with a good degree is highly necessary in the graduate employment market. But these days, this alone may not be enough to secure the first job. Employers are always looking for candidates who are ready for their first job and able to hit the ground running. Many graduating students are so focused on academic results they often underestimate the importance of other skills.


Our programme is aimed at giving undergraduates an edge by developing their independence/self-reliance skills, people skills, general working and specialist skills through experiential learning by way of industrial attachments/internships or temporary placements. Our internship programmes are designed to offer good working experiences and the opportunity for interns to be in "contact with reality". Internships can be PAID or UNPAID. This is at the Host Company's discretion, including the amount of stipend/allowance to be offered to students.


Students can expect a purely academic and career development centric experiential learning in our programmes and therefore should not undertake the programme for the main purpose of "travel or cultural experience".


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